“towards bridging traditional and social finance, influenced, encouraged fair trade to financial products and services” (Mohammed Yunus, 1999).

All human-beings have needs and every need has a satisfier. Needs and satisfiers may be deprived or achieved at any stage in life. Physiological needs such as basic food, water, security are such needs. Personal finance, its interaction and how its utilised in society brings about contentious topical issues. With a high Gini-Coefficient and ascribed to be one of the most unequal societies in the world, poverty, inequality and wage gap remaining a challenge. At Kasi Money, we see money as a fundamental human need.

what we do

“towards bridging traditional and social finance, influenced, encouraged fair trade to financial products and services”

The work we do seeks to harness the objectives of inclusive growth while addressing financial matters that contribute to the triple challenges namely; unemployment, inequality and poverty. This will be achieved through research and publication of such research to the broader public.

At Kasi Money, our objectives are to promote local financial inclusion, encourage financial transformation agenda advocacy, conduct continuous market research, sharing and communicating conducted research to the broader public for free and work in collaboration with other organisations that seek to promote a financially inclusive economy.

social context

“Together we can”

Poverty is a painful vicious cycle often intergenerational and one that can be stopped or reduced by either employment or entrepreneurship. The effects of poverty sometimes have forced people to explicitly sacrifice their sense of moral compass and inner worth to obtain basic needs and material goods.

There are two types of poverty: relative poverty and absolute poverty. Relative poverty occurs when there is minimal source of income and absolute poverty occurs when there is no income at all. Basic financial skills such as budgeting skills could go a long way to ensure that even the low-income earners are able to meet their short-term obligations and long-term aspirations.  

Our mission is a concerted effort to contest some the triple challenges faced by South Africa, namely poverty and inequality through efforts such as consumer advocacy and education.

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“Rise Africa Rise”

We partner with thought leaders, industries, deprived communities, corporate organisations in our mission and projects. Support us adopt a school or a community and help educate the public ad fight the discourse and promote financial inclusion and harness economic growth eKasi.

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